Player’s Guide


All matches are to start at 9.30am. The time stipulated is the time you must be ready to commence the first game of the match. All players must be prompt, or order of play varied to enable match to start on time (9.30am).


Please note that while there is match competition and/or finals in progress there will always be a Duty Officer to help you.

Including finals, the Duty Officer is also Referee, and will help you with any queries. Please ask the Duty Officer if you wish to see a copy of the Constitution and MDLBA Association Regulations.


Help yourself to free tea and coffee. Please wash and dry your own cups.  Thankyou


All team members must take their turn at umpiring either from the chair or standing.  Order of umpiring may be flexible:-

HOME                                 AWAY
3  or  4                             2  or  2  or 1
2  or  3                            4  or   1  or  4
4  or  2                            1  or  3  or  3


Score sheets are provided on the court. Advantage sets – when the score reaches 20 all, play continues until one team has a 2 point lead or reaches 25, whichever comes first.


If you are unable to play, please arrange an emergency, then advise your Captain (see Emergencies). If the Captain is absent, the Captaincy must be delegated to a team member excluding an emergency.


Please remember you are required for lines duty during finals. See also Finals information and Linespersons duties.