Committee’s Directions to Captains

The Committee extends a very special welcome to new members and wishes players



  1. NAMES Please ensure your score sheets and summary sheets are filled in neatly and accurately. The Captains of each team will be held equally responsible for the completion of all details on these sheets. First name and surname must appear at least once on the score and summary sheet. Initial and surname must appear thereafter, ditto signs are unacceptable. Altered score sheets must be initialled by both Captains.
  2. ORDER – The first named team in the fixture is the Home team. The Captains will enter their teams in the order they are to play.  Players may be listed in any order in the team. Once this has been done only alterations in accordance with the Association Regulations will be permitted and then only with the permission of the opposing Captain. A player who plays out of her entered position on the day will forfeit all points. Please consult the Duty Officer if this is not completely understood.
  3. RESULTS – At the conclusion of the match, both Captains will check results to make sure they are correct in every detail and be signed by each Captain.The Home Captain will put the result sheet on the Duty Officer’s table (or in the slot in the MDLBA cupboard), and then return the score book to the Duty Officer’s table.

    If the results are not put in the slot, they must be submitted to the Match Secretary within three days or the team in default will incur a 10-point penalty. The same penalty applies to both Captains for incomplete result sheets.


    Shuttles are supplied for the match. If you need more, see the Duty Officer. Please collect used and unused shuttles after the match and return to the Duty Officer’s table.


    1.    Start

    Please ask your team to arrive at the Stadium about 15 minutes early (9.15am) to enable matches to be started at the stipulated time (all matches to start at 9.30am).

    Under Association Regulation No. 2.5c “if after 5 minutes, play has not commenced the team in default shall forfeit the first game 21 aces to nil” so it is imperative that you impress this upon your team.

    Some players and the Duty Officer may have to get away on time so it is only fair that players are NOT late.

    2.    Interval

    The Association Regulations state that an interval of not more than 3 minutes shall be allowed between games, try and implement this.