General Information


Please – no eating, drinking or children in the umpires chair. Leave seats clean and tidy, pick up shuttles and wipe any spillage. You are asked to sweep the courts at the end of the day’s play, mops etc. provided at courtside.


All players must wear regulation dress as prescribed by Mountain District Badminton Association, i.e. only badminton, squash or tennis apparel is permitted. (No bicycle shorts, leggings). Footwear must be non-marking. (No black/basketball boots). Tracksuits or any part of it must not be worn during games. Articles of clothing shall only have advertising, writing, emblems or pictures as permitted by current I.B.F. regulations or official approval of the Association. Unless permission is given for cultural reasons, no caps, hats or headscarves are permitted.


All pre-school children must be left in the playroom with an adult in attendance, unless confined to a carry basket or pusher. Any player not conforming to this Association Regulation will be ineligible to play.


In the event of a power strike, all matches on that day will be postponed. Notification will be given for a rematch.


Reg 2.13: “Should any match be postponed, unstarted or unfinished due to power limitations or other circumstances beyond control of the Association, the committee shall adjust the matter at its discretion.”