Special Information to assist Committee and Members


Make sure you have the correct money to place in the envelope each week. It is impossible for the Duty Officer to change large notes.


If for some reason a new shuttle is to be discarded (eg: it doesn’t fly properly etc.) return it to the Duty Officer. The MDLBA is able to return them to the supplier as faulty and will obtain a refund or exchange.


When the point is completed please pick up the shuttle and return it to the server. Do not hit it along the floor back to them as it is bad manners and it also damages the shuttle feathers (not to mention the strings in your racquet).


It is important that all linespersons turn up for lines duty and stay for the duration of the match and that both linespersons and players attend the presentation that follows the finals.


Ladies who use our babysitting service must ring the babysitter if there is any change in their needs. ie: not needing her and/or needing her on a different day (see fixture for their names & phone numbers).