PLAYERS ARE TO OBTAIN THEIR OWN EMERGENCIES (and must advise their captains):-

  1. Try the emergency list
  2. Go to lower section (Players names in bold italics in your paper fixture are available to play in a higher section).
  3. YOU MUST OBTAIN PERMISSION FROM THE MATCH SECRETARY to play an emergency not listed in the book in order to enable suitable grading.  If a team plays an emergency not listed or cleared by the Match Secretary, then the team will be fined Match points.
  4. If you are can’t get an emergency, the Match Secretary will assist you.


  1. Please note, new players will possibly need a couple of games as emergencies to facilitate grading.
  2. Excluding finals, a player in the current season cannot play more than 3 matches with the same team in a higher section.
  3. For finals, emergency players of equivalent or lesser standard may be allowed from within the same section, ONLY WITH THE APPROVAL of the Match Secretary.


a)     In the event of a player being injured or becoming ill during a match and unable to continue, a forfeit shall be given to the opposing team for the game concerned.  The team in default shall retain all points scored at the time of default.
b)    Players injured or sick on the day must ask the Duty Officer or a Committee member to obtain a substitute player who must be at least one grade below the injured/sick player ie. if a No 2 player is injured/sick then a No 3 or lower player should be used.  A different player must be used in each game or match points will be forfeited.
c)     Excluding finals, a player in the current season cannot play more than three (3) matches with the same team in a higher section.


The Team Captain will receive a written notice of any penalties. Any appeals against a penalty shall be lodged in writing with the Hon. Secretary within seven (7) days of receipt of the Notification of such penalty. Appeals shall be decided by the Appeals Tribunal within twenty-eight (28) days of receipt by the Secretary. The decision on any appeal shall be final.

Please see MDLBA Association Regulations Booklet for the full set of Regulations – this can be obtained from the Duty Officer.